Stryker Model


The STRYKER first started when one of our team riders loved his BANDIT but wanted it more like his performance short board as he loved the rocker and wanted to see how it would perform, he loved it and is his favourite model right now.It is a small to medium wave lil Zipper.

The rocker is medium in the nose and with a touch of tail rocker makes it go from rail to rail easy

Surf this board 2" smaller than your performance board,it has a single to double concave between the fins and medium full rails.

Tail-swallow-rd square-squash with 3 or 5 fin option


Rp 5.500.000,00

Most Popular Dimensions:

5,7" x 18,7/8" x 2,3/16" 24.L

5,8" x 19" x 2,1/4" 25.5 L

5,9" x 19,1/8"x2,5/16" 26.6 L

5,10" x 19,1/4x2,3/8" 27.9 L

5,11" x 19,3/8" x 2,7/16" 29.2 L

6,0" x 19,1/2" x 2,1/2" 30.4 L

*Custom sizes are also available..